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Rockin' Randy's Hot Stuff Radar Kicks In At Charleston S.C.

It started out as a business trip. Of course, I had to find The Hot Stuff! For some unknown reason I decided to go to The Liquor Store to begin my quest *sly grin*! I've had fair luck at these establishments in the past! I had been told prior to my trip about a locally produced Bloody Mary Mix featuring "Charleston Hot" peppers. I went to the Charleston Marketplace and checked out the the town along the way.

I braved a long hot walk from my parking place. I almost walked through this fountain to cool off! Old Style transportation would have beat the long walk! The first thing to catch my eye was the lady weaving Sweetgrass baskets. These baskets were beautiful! I decided, for the time being, to buy a few strands of unwoven Sweetgrass. This makes a wonderful aroma when lit. I approached one of the weavers and asked "How much for the Sweetgrass?" She offered some for free but I gave her a gratuity, since she was working hard in the Charleston heat.

About this time an unexplainable force began pulling me toward the center of the market. Unable to resist I followed it's beckoning! There before my eyes was: ... The Hot Sauce Booth!

My photos don't contain the booth itself but some bottles of the Hot Sauce for sale. There were some that ... ummm ... caught my attention. Some you may have seen - others maybe not! If you can identify the name of the Hot Sauce in the partially obscured bottle to the far right then you *are* indeed a true Afficianado (Don't tell the others if you know!). I was amazed at all the Ring O' Fire Themes!

All of the samples were pretty good but I decided to save my money and contribute to Indiana Campbell's Early Firefighter Retirement Fund instead!

Charleston was a fun place and I hope to go back soon!

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