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Neals' Tyranny On the Track Proves Camaros To Be an Icon of the Past

In spite of failed efforts by his competitors, ace driver Neal put shame to a once respected Icon, the Chevrolet Camaro.

The "friendly" match was plagued from the start. Intimidation was a weapon shamelessly taken to arms by Neal's tormentors.

In spite of taunts such as "Transplanted Grit" and "Slow Clutch Foot" Neal kept his chin up and stayed focus on the end result - Victory!

And scandal was not out of the question for Neal's opponent's thirst for conquest. Reliable insiders have reported that a pay-off may have resulted in the tainting of the honor of Neal's occasional co-driver, M. Jaskowiak. In spite of a traction agent being added to the surface of the race track, Neal's tires seemed to spin as if on ice.

The reliable insiders report the possibility that, while Neal was preoccupied with pre-race activities such as fluid level checks, Jaskowiak may have sprayed a substance similar to WD-40 on Neal's back tires!

"Ya shoulda seen that thang feeshtail", one local eyewitness excalimed! Although Neal's seasoned abilty in the control of his vehicle is no secret, some things just didn't add up. It is suggested that for the re-match a close eye be kept on Jaskowiak, and perhaps an inspection for lubricants should be performed on Neal's tires.

In spite off all corrupt efforts by the opposition, Neal managed to win every race by impressive margins. After an intense moment of lucubration and a silent promise that no expense would be spared, Neal immerged from the Beast Mustang and proclaimed:

You Ain't Seen Shit, Yet!!!


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