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Fun and Humor Links

Billy-Bob Teeth
Thousands of Laughs! Watch the Horror on Their Faces! Naturally, I Own Some!

Buzzword Bingo
Learn the Words and Phrases to Get Ahead While Having Fun!

Casket Rental Info
Why Buy? Rent!

The Cynics Sanctuary
All You Need to Know About Cynicism - Rate Yourself - 714 Reasons to be a Cynic!

Dancing Babies
Gets Me Every Time!

The Darwin Awards Homepage
A Humorous Slant to Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection!

A Fun Game Page

Flamethrower Attachment For Autos
A Quick Cure For Car-Jackers and Robbers - Also Good Clean Fun!

Fun With Grapes
Amazing Intense Flame By Microwaving a Grape - Adult Must be Present!

Homemade Casket Plans
Save Heaps of Money - Doubles as Useful Furniture Until Needed

Laugh Your A- - Off!
A Must-See Humor Site!

The Schmuck's Forest
Plant a Virtual Tree In The Name of a Schmuck You Know - The Schmuck Will Be Alerted - Free!

Web Wanderer's World
A List of Kooky Sites on the Web!

The ZUG Comedy Site
Rude Humor and Great Practical Joke Stories!

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