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I hope you find something here that interests you!

I live outside Atlanta, Georgia.

I like playing my guitar and listening to all types of music.

I like eating a wide variety of hot peppers with my food.

A "Special Thanks" to my friends!

Here Are Some Places I Go!

I support the work of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Please check your area!

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Seen These Guys Before?

Check out my Studio Shots!
James worked "Magic" with his Digital Camera and PhotoShop for these!

Here's my Photo Album Check it out!

Here's my friend RavenMoon!
She did all the scans and graphics for this site!

Click Here to Go to RavenMoon's Cool Web Page! Authentic Angel Photograph!

Here is a very relevant Ancient Hopi Prophecy as told by Lee Brown

Check Out Kiyotei's Great Artwork Below!!!

Spirit of the Hummingbird
Atlanta, Georgia

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Thanks for stopping by to visit my Homepage!
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