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Nascar 99

Welcome to the Web Page created for NASCAR 99!

First, we'd like to thank Audrey for keeping up with the picks! So ... Thanks Audrey!!!

Talladega Comments:

Tompkins still wears the crown! Johnny and Darrell are hot on the trail. And look out for The Mud - he's sneaky and making good picks!

Way to go Kim! You made the most progress in positions! Eric mad a good leap himself!

There's 25 races left so everyone has a chance to cash in on the bucks!

Ray, don't get used to that crown 'cause I'm brushing up on my Standard Deviations, Driver History and Bell's Interconnectedness Theorem and coming back strong!

I will post comments and insults (within reason) - send them to me at the address below!

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Many Thanks to Darrell and the others responsible for this great "Fun and Fellowship"!!!

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Thanks For Stopping By NASCAR 99 !!!